Access Control
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Bighorn Security, LLC
is a locksmithing and security company that offers access control solutions to both large and small businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions at fair and competitive rates. We also offer automotive locksmithing products and services such as key fobs, remotes, transponder keys, etc. for most years, makes, and models of vehicles. We offer repair services for damaged locks, rekeys for recovered stolen vehicles, unlock services for misplaced keys, and replacement of lost key. Bighorn Security goes beyond locksmithing to offer security services to residential and commercial clients with a wide range of products and services, from cameras to motion sensors, that fit their complete security needs.Bighorn Security, LLC is primarily a locksmithing company that branches into the security industry. We offer access control solutions with security alarm integration and cameras to both large and small businesses, government agencies and educational institutions at a fair and competitive rate. From my experience, offering access control along with security is typically more appealing for businesses and government agencies because it allows the product to completely encompass their security needs and overlap in areas where they may feel they are lacking in their coverage.

Security System
key control systems and other client information will be kept in a locked room inside a file cabinet. High Security keys and other controlled items will be kept inside a secure safe.

Satisfaction Guarantee 
We want our customers and clients to be satisfied with their purchases and the services performed on their behalf, so we will offer a satisfaction guarantee. If they are not satisfied with their purchase, they will get a 100% refund within two weeks of purchase. From there it will vary depending on circumstances and be determined on an individual basis. During and after those two weeks we are obliged to offer rectification services to make the customer satisfied with their purchase or service paid for. We will do everything in our power to correct any mistakes, damages or unforeseen consequences resulting from our products or services.

Warranties will be based on the factory warranty of the products sold, but all labor will be warrantied for 90 days. After that, it will again be on an individual basis, and the customer is responsible for notifying us within a reasonable time period of any issues. On warranties past the 90 days, customers are responsible for any additional labor costs incurred.