Automotive locksmithing provides needed products and services to customers who own vehicles. These may include key fobs, remotes, and transponder key replacements and/or duplication. We will also offer rekey and vehicle unlock services throughout the area.

  • Car Keys: Used to start and drive a vehicle. Most modern keys have electronic components that need to be programmed in order to work, and that is usually the main security feature of the vehicle.
  • Key Fobs/Prox: Often refers to a Remote or Prox used to get into a vehicle and start it. Can sometimes be or is part of the security component of a vehicle and needs to be programmed to the vehicle,
  • Remotes: Often confused with Key Fob. Main function is to unlock a vehicle or start, but not drive the vehicle. Needs to be programmed to the vehicle.
  • Remote Head Keys: Includes both the remote and the key portion of the vehicle as well as the security chip. Needs to be programmed to the vehicle.
  • Fobik Keys: Often found on Chrysler brand products. Needs to be programmed to the vehicle.
  • Flip Keys: Like Remote head keys, but key is hidden either inside or on the side of the remote. Needs to be programmed to the vehicle.
  • Ignition Cylinders: The security device that matches with a key to the vehicle. Most years, makes and models of vehicles have some flaw or problem with their ignition requiring them to be repaired or replaced.
  • Door Cylinders: A lock on the vehicle that controls entry into the vehicle. They often need to be replaced if a car is stolen, vandalized or malfunctions.
  • Car Rekeys: Cars need rekeys if the car is stolen, vandalized or needs to match the same key as other vehicles in a fleet.
  • Car Unlocks (Lockouts): People leave their keys in the cars, often on a cold day if they don’t have remote start and go outside to warm up their car. Dogs, kids and other unforeseen circumstances can also cause lockouts.
  • Lost Key Replacement: People lose their keys and need them completely replaced. This is often lucrative because it often requires the owner to tow the car to a dealer. We should be able to make a key on site, which is often more desirable for the customer.
  • Broken Key/Remote/Fob Repair: Keys, remotes, fobs or other devices drop on the ground or get broken and need repair. It can be done at a fraction of the price and is usually an add-on sale to a new key purchase.
  • Motorcycle Keys: Motorcycle keys are hard to find and duplicate, so they can be a very good way to get an entirely new customer base into the store. 4-Wheelers, Snow Mobiles, Golf Carts, Tractors, Wheel Chairs, and other electronically controlled vehicles have sometimes hard to find keys that can be sold for a good profit.
  • Code Cut key: Car keys cut by code. Keys wear just like brakes, transmissions or tires. If a key is too worn, it can damage the lock it is used in, often requiring the lock to be repaired or replaced. Offering to replace their key with a new one is something the big-box Stores can’t do. They are only able to trace a customer’s key, which transfers several years of wear and tear onto the new shiny key. A key restored to the original condition can potentially save the customer $100 or more if they don’t have to replace their lock. That can turn them into a lifelong customer who tells their friends how much you saved them.
  • Other miscellaneous sales and services related to Automobiles: Anything else that can be added onto a sale of either a key fob or vehicle like battery replacement, key chains, and lanyards are miscellaneous sales and services that can be quite profitable.