Residential is the overall nuts and bolts of our business and encompasses the majority of what we do on a day to day basis during business hours. Basic key copying as well as rekey services and door hardware replacement will be the most common transaction during the business day.

  • Key Making: The basic cutting of keys, either by duplication or origination. The most common transaction and arguably the most profitable of the business.
  • Residential Hardware: Residential hardware isn’t just limited to what is sold online or in the big box stores. There is a whole slew of products out there for all types of budgets that can fit nearly all customer needs. The advantages we have over our competitors is that we can sell all kinds of products the big-box stores and online retailers haven’t even heard of. These items are normally better engineered, with better quality and can fit almost any budget.
  • Rekeying: Changing of a lock’s key to that of another key. Not as complicated as master keying.
  • Smart Lock: Technology is a good thing and when applied appropriately it can make our lives easier and our homes safer. Having good quality hardware integrated into a house can make life easier and more secure. Smart locks allow homeowners the opportunity to control entrance into their house while away at work or on vacation. It gives you the ability to see if your door is locked after your kids leave for school and lock it behind them if they forgot. It also gives you the ability to let people into your house to fix problems like leaking or broken water pipes or the police if there is a breakin.
  • Smart Homes: Smart homes include doorbell cameras, outdoor and indoor cameras, smoke detectors, window sensors, harmful gas detectors, standing water sensors, etc… It integrates all these features into a smart home system to allow the homeowner to manage their entire home with the touch of a button on their smartphone or computer.
  • House unlocks: Just like car unlocks, people get locked out of their houses, and are more than happy to see us when we get their door open.